Getting Ready: 

Details (shoes, rings, bouquet, invitation, program, jewelry)

Bride getting hair/makeup done

bridesmaids getting hair/makeup done

Bride getting dress on (mother or friend zipping or doing corset)

Pictures of the drinks/food

Bride putting earrings on

Bride getting necklace latched (usually someone else latching it)

Groom toasting with his groomsmen

Groom putting on his jacket, socks, shoes

Groomsmen putting on jackets

Pictures of the drinks/food

Pictures of any games/activities


Each set of bridal party walking down aisle

Any special readings/songs

Details / Decorations

Hymnal if in church

Minister/person marrying them


Exchange of rings

First Kiss

Family Portraits

Bride with brides parents

Bride with mother

Bride with father

Bride with any siblings

Bride with maternal grandparents

3 Generation photo (Bride/Mother/Grandmother)

Bride with paternal grandparents

Groom with grooms parents

Groom with mother

Groom with father

Groom with any siblings

Groom with maternal grandparents

Groom with paternal grandparents

Couple with bride's parents

Couple with bride's parents + siblings

Couple with bride's parents + siblings + grandparents

Couple with groom's parents

Couple with groom's parents + siblings

Couple with groom's parents + siblings + grandparents

Wedding Party Portraits

Bride with bridesmaids

Bride and bridesmaids with bouquets in front (no faces)

Bride with each bridesmaid

Groom with groomsmen

Groom and groomsmen - boutioneers

Groom with each groomsman

Full bridal party (normal, silly, kissing, etc)

Bride Portraits

Bride with bouquet in front (no face)

Bride and bouquet

Bride & Groom Portraits

Sunset portrait session

varied poses

Between Ceremony & Reception

Any fun in transit


Details of reception hall (full pic, table #s, centerpieces)

Head table


Any memory boards set up

Guest "Book"

Guests having fun

Grand entrance

Cake cutting

1st Dances (bride/groom, father/daughter, mother/son)