The Pink Umbrella Bakery | An Iowa City Treat

We had the opportunity to meet with Heather at The Pink Umbrella Bakery a few months back and had a great time seeing her in action decorating cookies for a bridal shower. We also got to meet Lola, the charming vintage camper named after Heather's grandmother, whose wonderful recipes started Heather's passion for baking!

Heather began baking for the Iowa City Farmer's Market where they set up under a bright pink umbrella so they could stand out from the crowd and thus The Pink Umbrella Bakery was born. She now sells at multiple locations including HyVee, the Compass Express at UIHC, and the U of I Campus! You can even order goodies online on the Pink Umbrella Bakery Etsy shop if you're not in town! Cookies by mail make me happy, and Pink Umbrella cookies are fantastic! Heather also offers event catering and you can rent Lola for your event as well!

If you haven't yet, you should definitely try some of the Pink Umbrella Bakery's goodies!




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Pink Umbrella Bakery Iowa
Pink Umbrella Bakery Iowa
Pink Umbrella Bakery Iowa
Pink Umbrella Bakery Iowa