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Do you guys ever feel like life just gets away from you?!? Like one minute it's New Year's resolution time (and one of your resolutions happens to be "be more organized and get stuff done quickly") and then suddenly it's September and you're promising to do better next year?! Back in April (I cannot believe how fast this year has gone!) we went up to Chicago for a couples session and while we were there decided to enjoy as much of downtown Chicago as we could in the few hours we had. Chicago is incredibly close and yet I never take the time to visit properly. We live 3.5-4 hours from Chicago so it really is a perfect day trip from Iowa City but I couldn't tell you the last time I've gone. We planned and planned the trip knowing how little time we really had to enjoy the city and hit a few major places and then just enjoyed the sights and sounds. We walked around downtown before meeting up with our couple (shameless link to their blog here!) and walked some more. It really was a fantastic day and I love how alive the city felt. Millenium Park was great, I think it would be amazing to see at dawn (perhaps when it's a little less crowded ). While we were walking we came across The Chicago Traffic Jam playing, it was pretty amazing so we stopped and watched them for a while. Towards the end of our afternoon we stopped into The Bar Below for some wings and a drink before meeting up with Naina and Baljit for their session.

Travel is one of those things that we all want to do more of but finding the time/resources can be difficult. One goal we have for next year is to take more day trips like this, even if it's only for 12 hours it's totally worth the drive! What is your favorite thing to do in Chicago??


Millenium Park / Cloud Gate (the BEAN!)

Chicago Theater

North Garden

Ohio Street Beach


Damien Rose Sax

Chicago Traffic Jam


The Bar Below Chicago

The Chicago Theater
chicago theater
Chicago Theater
Cloud Gate the chicago bean millenium park
Chicago street art
downtown chicago
downtown Chicago
The Bar Below Chicago
downtown Chicago
The art Institute Chicago
Chicago Traffic Jam street musicians
Chicago Traffic Jam street musicians
Chicago Traffic Jam street musicians
Ohio Street Beach Chicago
Chicago Rooftop views
rooftop views portraits

If you enjoyed this let us know your favorite places to travel, bonus points if you include your favorite picture <3