Amber + George | Happy Apple Celebrations

Sometimes the weather is amazing, sometimes it rains, and sometimes we manage to have the best of everything. There were literally SO MANY amazing things about Amber and George's wedding but that sunset was the most gorgeous one I've ever seen! I have Sara Pray, one of the owner's of Happy Apple Celebrations to thank for letting me know we had such an amazing sunset as it had just been raining not 10 minutes before! She grabbed me off the dance floor and took me outside and I immediately grabbed Amber and George for some quick silhouettes before it was gone! The weather all day long though! It was clear and breezy, cloudy with thunderstorms hovering on the horizon during the (outside!) ceremony, and we even had a downpour and rainbow at one point. They do say it's lucky for it to rain on your wedding day and I'd have to say based on Amber and George's wedding I have to agree! In addition to the crazy weather I also have to shout out Amber's DIY skills! She made all of the wedding decorations herself from the signs to the guest "book" to the cake stand! All the details were fantastic!

There are so many amazing things from this day that stand out to me, even two months later (whoops, we are behind on blogging!!). There was the weather and the decor but there were also so many moments from Amber's mother walking her down the aisle to a pregnancy announcement! My favorite though, by far was the mother daughter dance. It was such a beautiful moment to witness, and I don't think there was a dry eye in the venue, myself included.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Deaton!

Venue: Happy Apple Celebrations





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